Uncle Don

This was done for a very special friend of mine.  It is her Uncle Don who passed away last year.  It was done from a photo I took with my iPhone of a picture in a glass frame that was at a commemoration ceremony for Don.  I think it is one of my best pieces to date with the exception of Rex.  Especially considering it was done from a photo of a photo behind a sheet of glass.

She had asked me to do it for her so she could give it to his kids, but when I presented it to her for Christmas she was so taken with it she couldn’t part with it.  She has decided instead to have prints made of it to present to them. 

They were in town recently for a funeral and were able to see the original while here.  I was nervous at the unveiling but when they saw it they were very appreciative, one of the daughters gave me a hug and thanked me for a job well done.  It is moments like this that make drawing portraits even more exciting.

Uncle Don - 2013