Pencil drawings often bring to mind the art of a child, the preliminary steps for more popular art forms such as painting or sculpture, or technical drawing such as architectural or electrical drawing.  Rarely is it taken serious as an art form in and of itself.  But drawing in graphite can produce tremendous results.  The word pencil actually comes from the latin ‘peniculus’ meaning brush.

Often when I tell people that I draw the typical response is “Oh!  I can draw too,” or “Isn’t that nice!”  I fully expect a pat on the head when I hear that.  But then I show them some of my work (I have several samples on my iPhone for just such occasions,) and then their expressions change, as does their attitude.

“You did that with a pencil?!!” This is typically the next statement, followed by “I can barely draw a straight line.”  Which is funny because just a moment ago they were expounding on their talents as an artist.

I love drawing.  The pencil is about the only medium that gives me such control over the outcome.  You can’t get the kind of detail you can with a sharp pencil.  No other medium allows you to control the tone quite like you can with pencil. 

There is nothing more classic and nostalgic than black and white. We don’t see the world in black and white, which makes these images all the more interesting to look at.  It gives us a different perspective. 

Check my “What’s New” page for updates on what I’m working on.  Or view my Gallery for some of my earlier works. Maybe one day I’ll be selling prints of my work here.  Only God knows what the future holds.